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Digital detox, really?

How to Stay Connected Without Sacrificing the Planet? Imagine: you're on a diet to take care of your health, but your fridge is filled with chocolate cakes, 24/7... Maddening, right!? On one hand, you're told to be eco-friendly, to think of the planet before clicking "add to cart" for the latest smartphone, so much better than its predecessors. And on…
7 February 2024

Expert without a diploma? Hire him now!

In his emblematic speech at the Stanford University graduation ceremony in 2005, Steve Jobs expressed his conviction that the real nuggets for companies are self-taught individuals. In his view, these talents with no formal qualifications, a free spirit and a remarkable capacity for innovation deserve to be recruited immediately - and without the slightest hesitation - if you're lucky enough…
Pierre-Yves Gadina
5 February 2024
Gad Lab News

For a successful digital shift

Every new challenge, in the unceasing tumult of the digital universe, is a unique opportunity for your business. Gad Lab guides you through the complexities of the digital world, transforming obstacles into concrete, tailor-made solutions to propel your business to the top. Imagine a facilitator, a digital artisan who understands the core of your business as finely as you do.…
Pierre-Yves Gadina
25 January 2024

The Power of Simplicity

Because today appearance plays an essential role in our Western world, living in simplicity has become... complicated. Synonymous with sobriety, simplicity allows no pretense, nor excessive artifice or ambition. It must first be that of our thought. Common sense, sincerity, and humility are our guides to ward off the temptations of the unnecessary, of sophistication, or of the trendy fad.…
Pierre-Yves Gadina
22 January 2024
education bouclier shield fakenews

Education, our shield against disinformation

In a world where access to information has become easier than ever, misinformation has become viral. False information, conspiracy theories, and media manipulations can have serious consequences, both on individuals and on society and democracy as a whole. Nowadays, information circulates faster than ever, and the ability to distinguish true from false has become a fundamental skill. We are constantly…
Pierre-Yves Gadina
20 January 2024

The Child King and the Crisis of the School

«For the first time, we live in a society where the vast majority of children who come into the world are wanted children. This leads to a radical reversal: once, the family 'had children', today, it is the child who makes the family. By fulfilling our desire, the child has changed status and has become our master: we can deny…
Pierre-Yves Gadina
18 January 2024
ai education challenge promess

The challenge and promise of AI

Is it possible to strategically direct social consequences?? In this age of technological progress, artificial intelligence (AI) is proving to be an inescapable driving force. This irrepressible technological thrust is having a major impact on the way we think and behave in the workplace. From massive data management to process automation, AI is redefining operations for businesses of all sizes.…
Pierre-Yves Gadina
23 November 2023
Ai Hello World

Artificial intelligence in business

Why the human experience is more crucial than ever In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are gaining ground in the workplace, the question arises: what place is left for human experience and expertise, especially for professionals with decades of know-how? Technological evolution has always been a driving force for change in the workplace. Today, with the advent…
Pierre-Yves Gadina
22 November 2023
gold and silver round accessory

Business agility

Scrum? But what are we talking about!... Scrum is a methodology that helps teams work together. Like a rugby team practicing for the big game, the scrum encourages teams to learn from their own experience, to self-organize around a project problem and to constantly reflect on successes and failures, with regular retrospectives. The aim, of course, is continuous improvement. We…
Pierre-Yves Gadina
24 November 2021

We are humans !

Have you ever noticed, in the log files of your website, a recurring 404 error that looks like this: At first glance, you might think that it's a few budding geeks having fun finding THE flaw in your site, or a robot looking for information that isn't there where it should be. But a little digging reveals…
Pierre-Yves Gadina
5 October 2021
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